Nine Doors Coaching

Helping you design your recovery pathway

Discover what brings you joy, meaning, purpose and eliminate conditions that have held you back

About Me

I'm Nicole, I'm a person in recovery,

A nurse, a mother, a wife, a writer, a dancer, a person passionate about experiencing and integrating all life has to offer. After over a decade of working in healthcare, and longer as a person in recovery, I found myself wanting to integrate the parts of myself and various lived experiences in a cohesive way that would benefit myself and others.

I define recovery as the process of reaching my self-determined achievements where previous status or conditions are no longer barriers for how I live my life.

When we work together

What I offer to you is



A safe, non-judgmental space to bring yourself to. All of who you are is welcome with me. You are not too messy, too much, too little or broken.


Being heard

Through attentive listening, compassion and confidentiality. I respect you and this powerful work that we are doing.



I will ask questions to encourage you to look deeper and beyond the beliefs and habits that limit and no longer serve you.



I will acknowledge the successes as you move through the highs and lows of creating a new way of being and living for yourself.



I will remind you of where you have come and where you are aiming to be by offering up reflections and sharing of my own experiences for consideration



 I am here to champion and guide as a loving and fierce advocate for you as we walk together along this journey. I can’t do it for you, I do come along with you cheering you as an ever supportive companion.